In addition to my gratefulness to the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) in Taiwan (grant 104-2410-H-027-005) and the University of St Andrews Library Visiting Scholars Scheme for funding portions of this project, I would also like to thank the following individuals, listed alphabetically:

Douglas Anderson, who gave useful feedback on early versions of the site; Troy J. Bassett, creator of At the Circulating Library, who answered several questions I had; John Chen, who supported the idea of this site, and helped me with numerous technical questions; Marysa Demoor, who kindly allowed me to link her dissertation, which includes a descriptive checklist of over 4,000 Lang letters that are available in (but scattered among) various archives; Camilla Ulleland Hoel, who shared much information on Lang and Dickens’s Edwin Drood; Kate Pool, of the Society of Authors, who was extremely helpful in tracking down references to Andrew Lang and George Bernard Shaw in The Author‘s pages; Maia Sheridan, the Lang specialist in the Special Collections of the University of St Andrews; and Gary Simons, who alerted me to Saturday Review articles by Lang in the Curran Index, and continues to identify more Lang Saturday Review articles.

I am grateful to members of the Research Society for Victorian Periodicals (RSVP) and members of the British Association for Victorian Studies (BAVS), who have answered key questions necessary to develop this site.

My RAs (Karen Huang [Huang Yuching], Angelique Li [Li Mengwen], and Ginny Uang [Uang Tien Chi]) assisted with typing information from B. Meredith Langstaff’s bibliography and checking several of the periodical dates, article titles, and page numbers.

I would also like to thank the Bodleian Library and the British Library for their permission to post scans of Andrew Lang’s articles from the Morning Post.

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