The Fortnightly Review

“Mythology and Fairy Tales.” May 1873.

“Homer and Recent Critics.” April 1875.

“Titian.” February 1877. 172–187.

“Emile Zola.” April 1882.

“Byways of Greek Song.” October 1887. Starting on p. 491. [See the volume in Google Books.]

“Lucian.” July 1888.

“Charles Dickens.” December 1898.

“The Origins of the Alphabet.” October 1904.

“Shelley’s Oxford Martyrdom.” February 1907.

“The Chef d’Oeuvre of M. France.” June 1908.

“James de la Cloche.” September 1909.

“Byron and Mary Chaworth.” August 1910.

Source: Roger Lancelyn Green’s Andrew Lang: A Critical Biography, p. 252.

U Penn’s online book page’s entry on the Fortnightly Review, with its list of digitally available copies, is available here. Volume 22 (NS), July–Dec. 1877), Volume 26 (N.S.), (July–Dec. 1879),  Volume 27 (N.S.), (Jan.–Jun. 1880), Volume 28 (NS), (July–Dec. 1880), and Volume 50 (July–Dec. 1891) are available on Google Books, but have no articles from Andrew Lang.

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