The Saturday Review (1855–1938)

As Lang’s contributions to the Saturday Review were generally anonymous, it is difficult to compile an accurate list of them, as scholars must rely on reprintings of Lang’s Saturday Review writings or on extant letters where Lang refers to particular articles.

The Curran Index identifies over thirty of Lang’s Saturday Review articles. As the site has recently been updated and reorganized, Lang’s Saturday Review contributions have been intermingled with his contributions to the Academy, Athenaeum, and Punch on the Curran Index. For the moment, I am pasting the Saturday Review Contributions below from the Curran Index search results, where only years are given. Clicking into any title in the Curran Index will allow researchers to see not only the exact date but also the evidence for the article’s attribution to Lang. 

  1. Octave Feuillet (Saturday Review, 1874)
  2. The Origin of Rank (Saturday Review, 1877)
  3. Popular Tales in Homer (Saturday Review, 1877)
  4. Ghosts in Medieval Sermons (Saturday Review, 1877)
  5. Scotch Folklore (Saturday Review, 1878)
  6. The Lessons of Bookstalls (Saturday Review, 1878)
  7. Stevenson’s Edinburgh (Saturday Review, 1879)
  8. Literary Quarrels (Saturday Review, 1879)
  9. The Book-Stealer (Saturday Review, 1880)
  10. Poems by W. H. Mallock (Academy, 1880)
  11. Primitive Boycotting (Saturday Review, 1881)
  12. Aryan Oddities (Saturday Review, 1881)
  13. Virginibus Puerisque [by Robert Louis Stevenson] (Saturday Review, 1881)
  14. The Seamy Side of Greek Religion (Saturday Review, 1882)
  15. Mythology Among the Hottentots (Saturday Review, 1882)
  16. The Bull-Roarer (Saturday Review, 1882)
  17. Vice Versa (Saturday Review, 1882)
  18. Mano (Saturday Review, 1883)
  19. The Myth of Kirke (Saturday Review, 1883)
  20. Snake Dances, Moqui and Greek (Saturday Review, 1884)
  21. King Solomon’s Mines (Saturday Review, 1885)
  22. At the Sign of the Lyre (Saturday Review, 1885)
  23. Stevenson’s New Story [Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde] (Saturday Review, 1886)
  24. The Shelley Society (Saturday Review, 1886)
  25. Strange Tale of Marot (Saturday Review, 1887)
  26. The Masque of Man’s Wickedness (Saturday Review, 1887)
  27. Persons from Porlock (Saturday Review, 1888)
  28. Poetry for Music-Halls (Saturday Review, 1888)
  29. Kipling’s Stories (Saturday Review, 1889)
  30. Irish Popular Tales (Saturday Review, 1890)
  31. Allan Quatermain’s Revenge (Saturday Review, 1890)

Lang’s review of Stevenson’s Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is also available at the British Library’s Discovering Literature site.

If you read French, you might also consult the French translations of various Lang articles from the Saturday Review. (See the Collected Journalism page.)

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