The Dark Blue (1871–73)

The Rossetti Archive offers more information about The Dark Blue.

“Théophile Gautier.” Volume 1 (March 1871): 26–35. (Wellesley Index)

“Three poets of French Bohemia: Francoys Villon, 1431-1463; Gérard de Nerval, 1808-1855; Henri Murger, 1822-1861 — R.I.P.” Volume 1 (May 1871): 281–93. (Wellesley Index)

“The blue room: the laird’s story.” Volume 4 (February 1873), 702–06. (Wellesley Index). This one is signed “D. Lang,” which the Wellesley notes is “probably [a] mistake for A. Lang.” The previous two articles by Lang are also signed.

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