Fraser’s Magazine for Town and Country (1830–82)

Originally founded by William Maginn and Henry Fraser in 1830, Fraser’s was the forerunner of Longman’s Magazine, which took its place in 1882.

Fraser’s was one of the first periodicals to which Lang contributed; his first article appeared in March 1870. Lang’s first five Fraser’s articles were published under the editorship of James Anthony Froude; Froude edited Fraser’s from November 1860–August 1874. It is interesting to note that Lang did not contribute any articles under the subsequent editor, William Allingham (September 1874–June 1879). Lang wrote for Fraser’s again when John Tulloch was at the helm from July 1879 until January 1881 and again under Charles James Longman (February 1881–October 1882). Lang would then go on to become the most important writer for Longman’s Magazine

According the Wellesley Index, Lang contributed the following articles to Fraser’s:

  1. “Rabelais and the Renaissance.” Fraser’s 81 O.S. / 1 N.S. (Mar. 1870): 363–372.
  2. “The Early Life of Charles Dickens.” [On Forster’s Biography.] Fraser’s 85 O.S. / 5 N.S. (Jan. 1872): 105–113.
  3. “Kalevala; or, the Finnish National Epic.” Fraser’s 85 O.S. / 5 N.S. (June 1872): 667–77.
  4. “Gerard de Nerval, 1810–1855.” Fraser’s 87 O.S. / 7 N.S. (May 1873): 559–66.
  5. “The Gripis-Spa: from the Elder Edda.” Fraser’s 89 O.S. / 9 N.S. (Feb. 1874): 227–34 [Signed A. L.].
  6. “Egypt and the pre-Homeric Greeks.” Fraser’s 100 O.S. / 20 N.S. (Aug. 1879): 171–85.
  7. “The romance of the first radical; a prehistoric apologue.” Fraser’s 102 O.S. / 22 N. S. (Sep. 1880): 289–300.
  8. “Mr. Carlyle’s Reminiscences.” Fraser’s 103 O.S. / 23 N.S. (Apr. 1881): 515–28. [Carlyle had published Sartor Resartus and other essays Fraser’s (Dictionary of Nineteenth-century Journalism 230). James Anthony Froude, editor of Carlyle’s Reminiscences, was also editor of Fraser’s from 1860–1874.]
  9. “Mr. Max Müller’s philosophy of mythology.” Fraser’s 104 O.S., 24 N.S. (Aug. 1881): 166–87.
  10. “Primitive belief and savage metaphysics.” Fraser’s 105 O.S. / 25 N.S. (June 1882): 734–44.

See U PENN’s Online Books page for information on finding digitized editions of Fraser’s. Internet Archive searches will yield additional results; however, I have been unable to locate volume 23. Please do contact me if you find it.

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