Good Words

Good Words was founded by Alexander Strahan in 1860. Lang’s contributions were made long after the death of the magazine’s first editor, Norman Macleod, in 1872. His brother Donald was editor after Norman Macleod’s death. (DNCJ 254).

Lang contributed the following articles to Good Words:

  • “Thackeray.” 1888, pp. 14–19. (BNA advertisement in the St. James’s Gazette, 15. Dec. 1887, p. 15. The month does not seem to be given in the bound columns, but, given the December advertisement and the early pagination, I might assume January.)
  • “Dickens.” Nov. 1888, pp. 233–37. (BML)
  • “Charlotte Brontë.” April 1889. pp. 236–40. (RLG, BML)
  • “Life in Homer’s Time.” August 1891, pp. 529–35. (RLG, BML)
  • “Victorian English Literature.” February 1897. (RLG, BML)

I believe Good Words is included in British Periodicals, which I have not yet consulted to see if any other Andrew Lang work appears in the periodical.

The 1888 Good Words is available through Internet Archive, and the Dickens and Thackeray articles come up in the Table of Contents of this scan. However, after giving the Table of Contents, that scan does not give the pages on which Lang’s articles appear, starting, instead, at page 432. Another 1888 scan gives no Table of Contents, but does include the two Lang articles. Contributors to the 1888 volume also included Grant Allen and Jean Ingelow. The table of contents is missing from the 1889 article which includes “Charlotte Brontë.”

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