Journalism (Collected)

St Leonards Magazine. 1863. As phrased on Wikipedia, “This was a reprint of several articles that appeared in the St Leonards Magazine that Lang edited at St Andrews University. Includes the following Lang contributions: Pages 10–13, Dawgley Manor; A sentimental burlesque; Pages 25–26, Nugae Catulus; Pages 27–30, Popular Philosophies; pages 43–50 are ‘Papers by Eminent Contributors’, seven short parodies of which six are by Lang.” More information is available in IUCAT, as the Lilly Library holds this copy at Indiana University. Some manuscript copies of the St Leonard’s Magazine are available at the University of St Andrews, including the 1863 copy [uncatalogued when last I checked, but Lang’s work appears in MS30130-30142]. Lang had left for Glasgow to study for the Snell Exhibition in the summer of 1863, but as Roger Lancelyn Green notes, “continued to contribute to the Leonard’s Magazine, sending reviews, drawings and sets of verses” (Andrew Lang 27).

Lost Leaders (Kegan, Paul, Trench 1889). (A collection of some of Lang’s anonymous contributions to the Daily News.)

Etudes traditionnistes [Traditional Studies. (Essays from the Saturday Review.] (Paris: J. Maisonneuve, 1890) Translated with permission of the editors of the Saturday Review by Henry Carnoy and with a preface by Emile Blémont. See this entry in WorldCat.

Essays in Little (London, Henry and Co., 1891. According to WorldCat records, the book was published simultaneously by Charles Scribner’s Sons in New York (and reprinted in 1897 and 1901); it was later reprinted by Longmans in 1906 and 1912.) [The Internet Archive scan is from the 1901 New York Charles Scribner’s Sons edition. [Lang notes that five of the essays in this collection are new and attributes the essays that appeared elsewhere to their sources, noting that he has to a great extent re-written them.]

Numerous other books reprint portions of work that appeared earlier in periodical format; for instance, Lang asked William Blackwood’s permission to republish both poems and articles in later books. Lang usually notes at the beginning if ideas, poems, or full essays originally appeared elsewhere.

See also Lang’s uncollected journalism on the periodical writings page.