Lang’s Other Longman’s Contributions

Lang is most famous for his monthly “At the Sign of the Ship” causerie in Longman’s Magazine, which ran from January 1886–October 1905 (when Longman’s ceased publication). However, Lang contributed numerous other pieces, including two novels, Parson Kelly (1899) and The Disentanglers (1902).

Here is a list of Lang’s non-“At the Sign of the Ship” contributions:

  1. “A Bookman’s Purgatory.” Longman’s 2 (Sep. 1883): 516–23.
  2. “Cricket Gossip.” Longman’s 4 (June 1884): 140–47.
  3. “Psychical Research.” [Fiction.] Longman’s 5 [Christmas Number] (Dec. 1884): 42–52.
  4. “My Friend the Beach-Comber.” Longman’s 6 (Aug. 1885): 417–23.
  5. “A Modest Defense of the Royal Academy.” Longman’s 9 (Nov. 1886): 42–52.
  6. Introductory note to “The Devil’s Round: A Tale of Flemish Golf,” by Charles Deulin, translated by Isabel Bruce. Longman’s 14 (July 1889): 271–82.
  7. “A Reverie at Christie’s.” Longman’s 20 (Sep. 1892): 473–79.
  8. “Savage Spiritualism.” Longman’s 23 (Mar. 1894): 482–95. Reprinted in Cock Lane and Commonsense, 1894.
  9. “Mr. Morris’s Poems.” Longman’s 28 (Oct. 1896): 560–73. Reprinted in Adventures Among Books, 1905.
  10. “The Jubilee Cricket Book.” Longman’s 30 (Oct. 1897): 499–506.
  11. “Alfred Lord Tennyson.” Longman’s 31 (Nov. 1897): 27–39.
  12. “Miss Ingelow’s Poems.” Longman’s 32 (July 1898): 236–49.
  13. Parson Kelly, the Jacobite novel by Andrew Lang and A. E. W. Mason, ran from until January 1899 until November 1899.) Signed.
  14. The Disentanglers, Lang’s novel about a variation on the detective agency, where the agents break off unsuitable matches, ran in Longman’s from January to December of 1902 (Green 198).
  15. “The Nemesis of Froude.” November 1903. [See RLG 252; The Wellesley Index does not list any titles after 1900; there may be other missing items.]
Lang’s wife, Leonora Blanche Alleyne, also contributed at least ten articles to Longman’s Magazine. You may read about these on the page devoted to her work.
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