Magazine of Art

The Magazine of Art was first published on 25 April 1878 (numerous volumes are now available through Internet Archive), but William Ernest Henley, then Lang’s friend, was editor during the time of Lang’s contributions (1881–86). (See also the information on Pictures at Play, which the two men co-wrote and published in 1888.) The following pieces by Lang in Henley’s magazine appear in lists by Roger Lancelyn Green (256) and B. Meredith Langstaff.

“The Art of the Savages: I.” Vol. 5, March 1882, pp. 246–51. (A second scan is available here.)

“The Art of the Savages: II” Vol. 5, April 1882, pp. 303–07. (A second scan is available here.)

“The Thames and Its Poetry.” Vol. 5, May 1882, pp. 377–83. (A second scan is available here.)

“Elzevirs.” Vol. 6, 1884, pp. 287–91.

“Rondeaux of the Galleries.” Vol. 6, 1884, p. 375. [poem]

“Dionysus’ Sea Faring.” July 1886. pp. 368–70.

The Morning Post, on 12 Mar. 1901, p. 5, also notes that the magazine has published an illustration of Lang: “An examination of the diversified work of Sir W. B. Richmond is accompanied by a number of illustrations, including representations of his portraits of Mr. Gladstone and Mr. Andrew Lang and a rendering in colour of ‘Dionysus and the Maenads.”