Murray’s Magazine

Murray’s Magazine (of John Murray publishing) was published monthly from January 1887–December 1891. It cost one shilling and contained three pieces by Lang (according to Roger Lanceyn Green (253) and B. Meredith Langstaff), along with numerous reviews of Lang’s work.

February 1887 has a review of Lang’s Books and Bookmen, vol. 1, p. 288. (BML).

“The Story of the Dead Wife.” vol. 1, April 1887, pp. 491–97. (RLG, BML)

“International Girlishness.” vol. 3, October 1888, pp. 433–41. (RLG, BML)

March 1889 has a review of Letters on Literature, vol. 5, pp. 430. (BML)

“The Poet’s Apology.” [Poem] Vol. 7, May 1890, p. 602. (BML)

June 1890 has a review of Lang’s Old Friends, vol. 7, p. 864. (BML)

February 1891 has a review of Lang’s Red Fairy Book, vol. 9, p. 286. (BML)

April 1891 has a review of Lang’s Essays in Little, vol. 9, p. 575.

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