History and Biography


Editions of Rare Historical Texts


Landscape and Pastimes Within

  • Lost Leaders (Longman’s, 1889) includes articles on “Scotch Rivers,” “Salmon Fishing,” and “Golf.””
  • Angling Sketches (Longman’s, Green, and Co., 1891)
  • Golf, by Horace G. Hutchinson, with contributions by Lord Wellwood, Sir Walter Simpson, Bart., Right Hon. A. J. Balfour, M.P., Andrew Lang, H.S.C. Everard, and Others (Longmans, Green and Co., 1895 [fifth edition, thoroughly revised]. Andrew Lang wrote the first chapter, “The History of Golf,” on pp. 1–28.)
  • A Batch of Golfing Papers: By Andrew Lang and Others (M. F. Mansfield, 1897)
  • Highways and Byways in The Border (Macmillan, 1913) with John Lang

Literature (Editions and Criticism)

Robert Burns:

Robert F. Murray [Lang’s friend]

Sir Walter Scott:

Miscellaneous Literary Criticism:

  • Essays in Little (1891) [The Internet Archive scan is from the 1901 New York Charles Scribner’s Sons edition.] [Chapters of Scottish interest include “Mr. Stevenson’s Works” and “The Poems of Sir Walter Scott.”]
  • Adventures Among Books (Longmans, Green, and Co., 1901) [This Internet Archive scan is from 1905.] [Some of the chapters of Scottish interest include Lang’s reminiscences of his childhood reading in “Adventures Among Books,” “Recollections of Robert Louis Stevenson,” “Rab’s Friend,” “A Scottish Romanticist of 1830,” “Smollett,” and “An Old Scottish Psychical Researcher.”]

Original Poetry:

  • Almae matres (1887)
  • “Ode to Golf.” Contribution to On the Links; being Golfing Stories by various hands (Edinburgh: David Douglas, 1889). See the WorldCat entry.


  • Old St. Leonard’s Days. Alma Mater’s Mirror. Ed. Thomas Spencer Baynes. St Andrews, 1887. See the WorldCat entry.
Lang also frequently writes about Scottish subjects in his periodical writings. See particularly Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine and the contents of Lang’s “At the Sign of the Ship” articles for Longman’s.
Currently, I have not listed all works that only partially deal with Scotland (in a chapter or in passing). I may add these in the future. Please contact me if you would like to make the case for inclusion of a particular work.
This list was compiled using Roger Lancelyn Green’s Andrew Lang: A Critical Biography, Eleanor De Selms Langstaff’s Andrew Lang, the Andrew Lang listings in Wikipedia, and searches of Internet Archive. WorldCat was consulted when an Internet Archive scan did not exist; however, I did not check WorldCat against every entry (yet). If you are working with a particular text and are unsure of the publication date from other sources, I do recommend that you double-check WorldCat.
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