The Bookman

The Bookman (London, 1891–1934), sold at 6d, was founded by W. Robertson Nicoll (a Scot) and sold 6,000 copies of its first issue, later achieving a circulation of 10,000 (Dictionary of Nineteenth-Century Journalism 64). The DNCJ notes that it “included up-to-date information about authors and the publishing industry . . . literary gossip, book reviews, best-seller lists, advice for fledgling authors and feature articles on up-and-coming writers” (64). (For a fascinating account of William Robertson Nicoll’s influence in the British literary world, see Andrew Nash’s “William Robertson Nicoll, the Kailyard Novel and the Question of Popular Culture” [Scottish Studies Review, 5.1 (2004), 57–73.])

B. Meredith Langstaff lists the following Bookman articles by or about Lang in his typescript. (It would be wise for individual researchers to confirm the accuracy of this particular list, as it is not always entirely clear from it which articles are by Lang and which are about him [and, occasionally, of the exact title or page numbers]. Presumably, additional articles could also be found by researchers with access to the British Periodicals database.)

  • “Logrolliad.” [“Still am I mute, while logs go rolling round.”] Vol. 1 (March 1892): 201.
  • “Controversy.” Vol. 18 (May 1900): 53–55.
  • “Controversy.” Vol. 23 (Feb. 1903): 205–208.
  • “Controversy.” Vol. 27 (Feb. 1904): 206–209.
  • “Controversy.” Vol. 28? (Dec. 1904): 118–20.
  • “Sir Walter Scott.” Vol. 30 (May 1906): 64.
  • ? Vol. 31 (May 1907): 64–65
  • “Queen Mary in Art.” Vol. 33 (Oct. 1907): 14–19.
  • “Reformation in Scotland.” Rev. of D. H. Fleming’s book. [Listed as vol. 30, but that does not seem accurate.] (April 1910): 304.

About Andrew Lang

  • Ramsay, W. M. “Mr Andrew Lang and the Epic.” Vol. 4 (Apr. 1893): 17–18[?]
  • Canton, W. “Andrew Lang as a Poet.” Aug. 1895.
  • Macdonnell, Annie. “Mr. Andrew Lang.” Vol. 9 (Feb. 1896): 148–50.
  • Ridge, W. P. “Mr. Andrew Lang.” Vol. 19 (Oct. 1900): 12–15.

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