Fiction and Drama


  • The Black Thief. A new and original drama (Adapted from the Irish) in four acts. (1882) [No scan available. The original is in the Lilly Library at Indiana University. See WorldCat.]
  • Pictures at Play or Dialogues of the Galleries (Longmans, 1888) with W. E. Henley (Available in the Lilly Library, Indiana University). See in WorldCat. [This illustrated dialog is not precisely a drama; but it is hard to categorize the work.] In Lang and Henley’s preface, they state, “It is familiar to all that the old portraits in old houses habitually come out of their frames at night, and walk and talk. Every one knows this who has ever read a Christmas Number. But it may be less generally credited that the people in the new pictures, in the Academy and other galleries, have also their play-time, stroll about, and exchanged their ideas about Art and Life. Their conversation has, this year, been overheard and set down in the following Dialogues by two Art-critics, who respectfully warn the young against literary collaboration. Each of us holds diametrically opposite opinions about Art. Each of us has the least flattering estimate of his colleague, and, if you will listen to A, B is a heavy-handed wag, while A (to B’s mind) is a frivolous pedant. But, if the Public will only bestow on the whole that approval which each of us thinks due to half of the work, and which both are ready to lend the designs of Mr. Harry Furniss, then this period (which is certainly rather unmanageable) will arrive at a happy conclusion.” Some of the portrait subjects who speak include W. E. Gladstone (who discusses Mary Augusta Ward’s Robert Elsemere with the Prince of Prussia), and Cardinal Manning.

Fairy Stories (Original)



  • Much Darker Days By A. Huge Longway. (1884) [The scan is dated 1885.] [Parody of Dark Days, by Hugh Conway (Frederick John Fargus). (Bristol: J. W. Arrowsmith; London, Griffith, Farran, Okeden & Welsh; 1884). (See the blog post on the two stories at Cross Examining Crime.)
  • He (1887 with Walter Herries Pollock, parody of H. Rider Haggard’s She1887). Both the original and the parody were published by Longman.)

Short Stories


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