The New Review (1889–97)

Andrew Lang contributed several interesting articles and one novel (The World’s Desire, cowritten with H. Rider Haggard) to the New Review. Although the New Review technically lasted until 1897, Andrew Lang only wrote for it while it was published by Longmans, Green and Co., that is, until December of 1893. (William Heinemann took over publication starting with volume 10 in January 1894.)

Lang also only wrote for the magazine under its first editor, Archibald Grove, whose tenure lasted until 1894. [The Wellesley Index notes, “While Grove was on his honeymoon at the end of 1889, the Review was edited by [Lang’s friend] Edmund Gosse, who prepared the issue for February 1890 and possibly the previous one too” (“The New Review,” 1889–97).

As the Wellesley also notes, “William Ernest Henley [was the] nominal editor” for volumes 12–17 (January 1895–December 1897). By that time, Henley and Lang, Henley’s former friend, and his co-author for Pictures at Play (1888), had seriously quarreled. Roger Lancelyn Green suspects that the most negative review of The World’s Desire was by Henley (Andrew Lang 134), but I am not certain if this or other factors led to the breaking off of their friendship. Please contact me if you know more.

Essays: 1889–1890

Lang’s first article was “Mythology and the Old Testament” [on Renan’s Histoire du Peuple d’Israël.New Review 1 (August 1889): 278–86.

Lang was one of several contributors to two articles entitled “Anonymity?” (Part I), New Review 1 (Nov. 1889): 513-531 and to “Anonymity?” (Part II)New Review 2 (Mar. 1890): 265–76.

Other contributors to part one included L.F. Austin, Justin McCarthy, H.D.Traill, John Morley, Edward R. Russell, R. H. Hutton, Joseph Cowen, William Black, Tighe Hopkins, William Archer, W. E. Gladstone, Paul Villars, Charles Prestwich Scott, George Augustus Sala, T. P. O’Connor, George Moore, William Howard Russell, Eliza Lynn Linton, G. W. Smalley, and James Runciman.

Other contributors to part two included Grant Allen, Sidney J. Low, Joseph Cowen, Henry W. Lucy, Tighe Hopkins, T.P. O’Connor, George Augustus Sala, Justin McCarthy, L.F. Austin, G[eorge] Bernard Shaw, Archibald Forbes,  Wemyss Reid, William Archer, William Howard, Russell, H.D Traill, H.R. Haweis, George Moore, R.H. Hutton, Henry Labouchere, and Eliza Lynn Linton.

Fiction (1890): 

The World’s Desire, cowritten with H. Rider Haggard, was serialized between April and December of 1890. The manuscript of The World’s Desire, with some annotations and distinct hands, is available at the Norfolk Record Society.

The World’s Desire (Book I, chaps. i-iii). New Review 2 (Apr. 1890): 369–84.

The World’s Desire (Book I, chaps. iv-vi)New Review 2  (May 1890): 466–80.

The World’s Desire (Book I, chaps. vi-vii). New Review 2 (June 1890): 558–68.

The World’s Desire (Book II, chaps. i-ii). New Review 3 (July 1890): 86–96.

The World’s Desire (Book II, chaps, iii-vi). New Review 3 (Aug. 1890): 168–92.

The World’s Desire (Book II, chaps. vii-x). New Review 3 (Sep. 1890): 270–88.

The World’s Desire (Book II, chap. xi, Book III, chaps. i-ii). New Review 3 (Oct. 1890): 370–84.

The World’s Desire (Book III, chaps. iii-v). New Review 3 (Nov. 1890): 464–80.

The World’s Desire (Book III, chaps. vi-viii, concluded.). New Review 3 (Dec. 1890):  553–68.

Essays: 1891–1893

“The Science of Criticism (No. II).” New Review 4 (May 1891): 403–08.

“Literature and the Drama.” New Review 6 (Feb. 1892): 243–51. [Andrew Lang signed the portion marked “Literature” and did not write on “the drama”; this is also true for all the “Literature and the Drama” articles below. For this and most articles, L. F. Austin signed “The Drama.”]

“Literature and the Drama.” New Review 6 (June 1892): 749–60. [Lang again did the literature portion while L. F. Austin wrote on the drama.]

“A Special Literary Supplement (No. II).” New Review 7 (Dec. 1892): 734–40.

“Literature and the Drama.” New Review 8 (Feb. 1893):  245–56. [A. B. Walkley did the section devoted to drama. ]

“Literature and the Drama.” New Review 8 (June 1893): 710–20. [L. F. Austin did the section devoted to drama.]


Green, Roger Lancelyn. Andrew Lang: A Critical Biography. Leicester: Edmund Ward, 1946.

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