Literary Criticism and Literary History

[This page is still in progress. Much of Lang’s literary criticism is, of course, found in periodical essays and reviews rather than in book form (and much of that is scattered among his “At the Sign of the Ship” articles in Longman’s), though some of his books of essays reprint earlier work from periodicals.]





History / Impressionistic Criticism

Periodical Articles of Interest (General: Preliminary)

  • “Anonymity?” (Part I)New Review 1 (Nov. 1889): 513-531 and to “Anonymity?” (Part II)New Review 2 (Mar. 1890): 265–76. [Lang was one of several contributors to each part.]
  • The “At the Sign of the Ship” articles in Longman’s Magazine (1882–1905) almost all include implicit or explicit literary criticism.
  • “Literary Plagiarism.” Contemporary Review 51 (June 1887): 831–40. (Jan.–Jun. 1887 is available from Internet Archive.)
  • “Literature and the Drama.” (Four articles in the New Review between Feb. 1892 and June 1893. Lang wrote the “literature” part.)
  • “Mythology and Fairy Tales.” Fortnightly Review 19 O.S./13 N.S. (May 1873): 618–31.
  • “Realism and Romance.” Contemporary Review 52 (Nov. 1887): 683–93. (July–Dec. is available from Internet Archive.)
  • “The Science of Criticism (No. II).” New Review 4 (May 1891): 403–08.
  • “Theological Romances.” Contemporary Review 53 (June 1888.): 814–24. [Mainly on Robert Elsemere]

Periodical Articles of Interest (On Specific Authors or Titles: Preliminary–many more are available.)

  • “Charles Dickens.” Fortnightly Review 70 O.S./64 N.S. (Dec. 1898): 944–60.
  • “Emile Zola.” Fortnightly Review 37 O.S./31 N.S. (Apr. 1882): 439–52.
  • “Kalevala; or, the Finnish National Epic.” Fraser’s 85 O.S. / 5 N.S. (June 1872): 667.
  • “Mr. Carlyle’s Reminiscences.” Fraser’s 103 O.S. / 23 N.S. (Apr. 1881): 515.

For more of Andrew Lang’s periodical criticism, see the list of all periodicals to which Lang contributed. See particularly articles in the Contemporary Review, the Cornhill, the Daily News (see Lost Leaders), the Fortnightly Review, Fraser’s, Harper’sLongman’sMacmillan’sThe Morning PostThe National Review, The New Review,  and The Saturday Review.

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